Link Green is Evolving the Wholesale Marketplace
  • Link Green is evolving the wholesale marketplace.
  • A Single Interface
  • Place orders with your suppliers on demand

LinkGreen is evolving the way the retail world purchases. By seamlessly connecting suppliers to buyers through our cloud services, we make goods more accessible, opening up more possibilities for retailers and more business for suppliers.

The Benefits


LinkGreen is a conduit between wholesale buyers and suppliers which brings simplicity and efficiencies to all aspects of their relationship. Order placement and order communications are bound together, adding accountability to every step of the ordering process. LinkGreen takes the mystery out of the procurement process by providing visibility through all stages from order placement to the fulfillment process.

Promotion of new product offerings, immediate availability of seasonal products, and special pricing enables buyers to control their costs, and enables suppliers to move inventory when they need to. Plus, LinkGreen gives you control of who sees your offers, and which offers you wish to see.

The LinkGreen community experience is as broad or personal as you choose. New business relationships are always available to you through LinkGreen, and when you wish to build your buyer-supplier relationship base, LinkGreen helps you establish those relationships more quickly.

The Facts


A single source interface for wholesale order placement enables a buyer to analyze and report on their buying history in ways never before possible.

A unified online ordering experience will reduce ordering errors and increase efficiency in managing wholesale purchasing for both the buyer and supplier.

Seamless integration with existing accounting, retailer POS, and supplier warehouse/production management systems with LinkGreen finally enables a start to finish supply chain solution.

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